Motus is a worldwide leader in advanced biomechanical analysis for all levels of athletes. The company has developed innovative wearable technology with 3D movement and performance analytic software to track body movements. Motus Batting is a app that pairs with the Motus sensor giving athletes statistical information about their swing. To expand on the Motus sensor, I designed an app to help create a more detailed swing trainer, Motus Swing is a virtual reality batting swing trainer. By combining the capabilities of the Motus Device with a virtual reality app you will be given a more detailed swing breakdown. Motus Swing is helpful to use as a warm up device before, during, and after you get into the cage for batting practice. After a single hit using the Motus Swing virtual trainer you will receive detailed statistics of your swing. The data from Motus Batting and Motus Swing will sync automatically giving coaches the choice to see whichever stats they would like. Every players swing is different, and every swing obtains flaws. Motus Swing will show the coach exactly which areas that the individual athletes need work.

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Motus specializes in 3D motion capture assessments for athletes of all ages and abilities. Biomechanical calculations using data collected provide athletes, coaches, and trainers valuable tools in understanding how movement impacts game performance in the lab and on the field.


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