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The Osprey brand unites people from all walks of life through the common experiences of travel and adventure. Osprey’s dedication to sustainable production, the quality of their products, and their lifetime guarantee has made them one of the most trusted backpack brands in the market. To further extend the brand, the team created a digital trail navigation device and app that empowers hikers to go further while aligning with the Osprey brand of adventure and trust.


Frequently interacting with a mobile device can get in the way of an outdoor adventure.

The battery life of a mobile GPS device can mean the difference between life and death on a wilderness adventure.

Hikers frequently find themselves outside of cell phone service areas and it can be difficult to keep electronics constantly charged.


Terra doesn’t need to be constantly monitored; therefore, it doesn’t detract from your travel experience.

Terra runs independently from the app so and doesn’t require cell phone service. It uses 3V batteries that are easy to replace and lightweight enough to carry extras.

The Terra App allows users to pre-load trails into the hand-held Terra device so when they are out of cell phone service area, they will still be able to navigate. Terra also allows users to create more than one trail on their device. Users can also easily switch between trails on the device.


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